Shankill TC Junior Tennis Development & Support Programme

Objective – to support both growth and development for all juniors within the club and encourage up & coming junior talent

Scheme to be operated by the Junior Co-ordinator in conjunction with the Coaching Co-ordinator and Vice Treasurer

The Junior Development and Support Programme should be funded and accounted for as follows;

  1. €2,500 fixed contribution from Shankill Tennis Club
  2. Other fundraising initiatives to support the scheme
  3. Sponsorship or other contributions
  4. Unused funds to be c/f to the subsequent year
  5. Club’s Annual Accounts to clearly show
    Opening Balance in Fund
    b. Funds raised during the year
    c. Disbursements during the year
    d. Closing Balance in Fund at end of each year.

Shankill TC Junior Tennis Development & Support Programme provides financial support in categories as follows:

  • To support committed talented Junior players (up to 40% of the fund) – application must be made each year.
  • To fund social events for all juniors at all levels – at the discretion of the Junior committee (up to 20% of fund)
  • Support for league campaigns at all junior levels (up to 20% of funds) – coaching sessions, gear, travel costs etc
  • Support to underprivileged players or those players who need financial support. This to include but not be restricted to membership, gear, coaching and costs to facilitate inclusion in club events/trips and competition and travel. (up to 20% of funds).

Note: Our objective is to adhere to these % splits per category, however, each application will be treated on a case by case basis.

  • Please note that applications must be received on the official application form to the Junior Co-ordinator and no funds will be made available until the application is approved.
  • Only Club members can make an application for support.
  • Each applicant is typically limited to one application per annum but there may be exceptions to this (example: where an underprivileged player is supported to join the club and then may need help with coaching etc).
  • No individuals can commit support funds without formal approval.
  • Please ensure that the support applications are made in a timely manner as we will not accept applications to validate retrospective spends. 


  • Members must be available to represent the club in Junior leagues or Competitions.
  • Members must enter the Junior Club Championships if available.
  • Those benefitting from this Support Assistance must advise and keep an account of how any funds are spent.