Men’s Singles Ladder

Following the reopening of Shankill Tennis Club, we are launching a new Mens Singles Ladder.  All male members turning 15 or older this year are eligible.

Why & to what benefit?

 The introduction of a singles ladder will enhance our Members’ experience.  In time, we hope it will be adopted as the norm for all matches in Shankill, even for those playing regularly with one another.
An active ladder encourages members to:

  • Meet and play against others for possibly the first time.
  • Play outside of your comfort zone.
  • Develop and improve your game.

Furthermore, an active ladder is a strong selling point to potential new members and provides the Mens Captain and Selectors with a valuable reference when choosing DLTC League Teams.

How will the ladder work?

The ladder will be managed electronically on Club Manager 365 i.e. the same system that members use to make court bookings online.  When you login, select Ladders on the top menu to view them and their related rules.  The system automatically displays who you can challenge and you simply click the button to arrange your match.  Why not go ahead and see it for yourself. If you are unable to login to Club Manager 365, please contact Support.

For those wishing to represent the Club on a Dublin League team, we ask that you make sure that you are registered on a ladder.  You can do this yourself when logged into Club Manager 365.

What format is the challenge match?

As we stated above, we want the ladder to become the norm for playing matches in Shankill.  To encourage this while also recognising that Challenges are not Club Championship matches, the format is a single set with a standard tiebreak played at 6-6.  To limit the length of each game, when a second deuce point arises the winner of the next point wins the game.  The receiver can choose whether to return from the advantage or deuce side.  We suggest limiting the warmup to 5 mins.

In line with the Club’s ‘RETURN TO PLAY’ PROTOCOLS’ the intention and goal is to ensure that a Challenge can be completed within a one hour court booking.

What other rules?

You can read the Ladder Rules on the Club Manager system.  The Club Captain will adjudicate as situations arise.  Importantly challenges should be played within 7 days and each player must bring 3 tennis balls of acceptable quality. 

Will challenge days be organised?

To get challenges up and running, we will try to ensure that majority of the Men’s Sunday tennis matches are Challenge Matches.  We will further develop our plans in this area and share them with you when we can.

How are results recorded?

Results must be recorded online in Club Manager 365. This is the responsibility of the winner.