Shankill Tennis Club Rules

Club Rules

  1. All players are required to register with the Duty Supervisor prior to play and pay any appropriate court fee.
  2. With the exception of League, Championship and Ladder/Challenge matches, play begins on the hour and lasts for one hour. Players must vacate courts when requested to do so by the Duty Supervisor.
  3. Court, lights and other fees are as determined by the Executive Committee and posted in the Clubhouse.
  4. The Executive Committee may reserve courts for League matches, tournaments, coaching or other purposes as it sees fit.
  5. The Executive Committee may close courts for essential maintenance, public holidays or for other purposes/reasons as it sees fit.
  6. Courts may be booked by Club Members and members of the public no more than three days in advance. All bookings must be made through the on-line booking system or the Duty Supervisor.
  7. Adult and Student members have preference of play after 19.00 hours weekdays (Subject to rules 4 & 5). Junior members cannot book courts in advance or on the day for these times: the last junior booking being 18.00-19.00 hrs. Juniors may not play after 20.00 hrs. Junior members may play between 19.00-20.00 hrs but they must be accompanied by an adult and the court must be booked by the adult.
  8. For child protection reasons, under 10’s may not play in the Indoor Centre unless accompanied by an adult.
  9. Junior members (i.e. under 18s) may not play tennis or otherwise be on Shankill Tennis Club premises unless the Duty Supervisor or an accompanying adult (e.g. parent/guardian is present).
  10. Outdoor courts: There is a limit to the number of bookings a member can make (2 per day) and the member who books the court must play at that time. Members may book one consecutive slot.
  11. Indoor courts: Players may make a maximum of 4 bookings each week. The member who books the court must play at that time. Members cannot book a consecutive slot but can play a consecutive slot e.g. play a second hour with another member who has booked the court or coaching followed by a 1 hour slot.
  12. Bookings must be claimed within 10 minutes of the appointed time. Cancellation must be made at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled booking. The Executive Committee reserves the right to apply a charge where bookings are not cancelled at least 2 hours in advance.
  13. All players must wear tennis shoes. Non-marking tennis shoes should be worn in the indoor courts.
  14. Club Members must observe the appropriate Dress Code posted in the Clubhouse.
  15. Club Members must observe the rules of Court Etiquette posted in the Clubhouse.
  16. Club Members must observe the rules for protection of the court surfaces and equipment posted in the Clubhouse.
  17. No bicycles, prams, buggies, glassware, chewing gum or smoking is/are permitted on the courts.
  18. Roller-skating, skate boarding, bicycling and play of unauthorised ball games are not permitted in the Club grounds.
  19. Dogs, other than guide dogs, are not permitted in the Clubhouse, courts or patio areas. Owners must remove their dogs when requested to do so.
  20. Smoking is not permitted on the Club grounds.
  21. Non-players and spectators must remain outside the playing area at all times.
  22. Any person found abusing or defacing Club property or equipment or who’s conduct on the tennis courts or in the Clubhouse or Club grounds is not proper, orderly and decent shall be removed from the premises and may face disciplinary or legal proceedings.
  23. All professional coaching must be in compliance with the Club Coaching Policy which is available on the club website.

Booking Procedures

Courts may be booked 3 days in advance by notifying the supervisor. Each adult has two booking hours per day.

Play is on the hour and for the duration of an hour unless for a round robin match or championship game, and this must be notified in advance to the supervisor.

Players must vacate the court when asked to do so by the supervisor.

Court Prioritisation Policy

Except during League matches, Club Championships and certain pre-arranged tournaments, Club Members shall have preference of play on eight courts and members of the public shall have preference of play on two courts (subject to Club rules 4 & 5).

Note: Members are not permitted to play a friendly or pre-arranged match on an adjacent court to a league or championship competition.