Shankill Tennis Club Survey

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our members survey in which the Executive Committee would like to give members a further opportunity to express their views in the form of a questionnaire and would be grateful if this could be completed by our members.

Please note that all survey respondents will be given an option to be entered in a random prize draw to receive a
free Tennis lesson from Head Coach, Derek Healy at the end of the survey.

The Shankill Member Survey is now closed. Winner of the prize draw will be announced in due course. Thank you all for your submissions.

Since 2005 the club’s development has been guided by the ambition and strategies in place for
club development. This resulted in the building of the new clubhouse, the upgrading of the
outdoor court surfaces & lights and most recently the building of the Indoor Centre.
As presented at the AGM the Strategy Group identified a number of key areas where the club
can enhance its’ facilities and services to members, visitors, the community, the general public
and partner organisations.

Development Plan
Following this exercise the objective will be for the strategy group to formulate their
recommendations for a development plan and present this to the Exec. It’s envisaged that a
new development committee will then be given responsibility for implementing the Plan, in
conjunction with a new Tennis Committee.

Note: The club is currently repaying a loan which has 5 years remaining. Any proposed
expenditure by the club in excess of €10K requires an EGM.

Tennis Committee
We intend to form a Tennis Committee within the club. The purpose will be to ensure that the
various tennis activities in the club are integrated and run to the highest standards. This will
include identifying & prioritising opportunities for participation, performance, selection & court
usage, as well as achieving a balance between coaching, recreational and competitive tennis.