Disability Tennis at Shankill

Creating access to tennis for players with a disability began at the club in 2013. Based on this experience the “Enjoy Tennis” programme has grown a small beginning to be an important programme within Tennis Ireland. The programme now operates in 65 tennis clubs involving over 800 players nationwide. In addition the club coaches and members are closely involved in the programme.

In Shankill we have five separate groups of players with different disabilities learning and enjoying the game. These include players with an intellectual disability, autism and those who are blind or have a significant vision impairment. The players come from local services such as Carmona services and Festina Lente as well as from Vision Sports Ireland. The philosophy is that people of all abilities should have access to tennis.

Members of the club are encouraged to become involved in the programme by volunteering to assist with the weekly sessions. Full training is provided by the club for volunteers starting to take part.

For further information on Disability Tennis in Shankill, please contact Liam O’Donohoe on 086 261 8931

Visually Impaired Tennis

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