Men’s tennis caters for all levels ranging from beginners to DLTC league players.
There are many opportunities for men to play both socially and competitively as follows.

Men’s Ladder

The Club operates a Men’s Ladder. This Ladder encourages members to meet and play against each other for the first time, to play outside their comfort zones and to develop and improve their game. An active ladder provides the Men’s Captain and selectors with a valuable reference when choosing DLTC League Teams.

To get on the ladder, simply login to click on the ladder option in the court booking system and read the rules for challenges. In line with club rules, challenges should be completed within the hour. The format for challenges are a single set with a standard tiebreak played at 6-6. To limit the length of each game, when a second deuce point arises the winner of the next point wins the game. The receiver can choose whether to return from the advantage or deuce side. We suggest limiting the warmup to 5 mins.

Men’s Morning

Men’s morning runs every Sunday morning from 10 am – 12 pm and all levels are welcome.

Mixed Doubles

On Wednesday evenings, the Club hosts a Mixed Doubles event, from 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm which is open to members and non-members. It is an ideal way to develop your tennis and meet other members in a friendly and informal setting. This is very much a social event and all members are welcome. There is a small charge for this event which can be paid on arrival.

Please contact Rita Leonard on 0861670082 for more information.

Men's Coaching

Mens DLTC League Tennis

Shankill Tennis Club

Shankill Tennis Club puts forward teams from Class 2 to Class 8 for the Winter, Summer, Mixed, Senior and Floodlight leagues. Teams are picked by a selection committee. If you would like any further details on our league teams, please contact the Ladies captains at